Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Turfgrass Management (9th Edition)

Turfgrass Management is an introductory text for beginning students in turfgrass science and management. In covering the important features of turfgrass systems, interactions between and among system components, and principles of turfgrass management, it attempts to unlock some of the mysteries of turf and establish the role of cultural interventions for achieving specific objectives.

 Distinguishing features of this book include:
 Rich use of illustrations throughout convey key concepts, processes and relationships. Fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and PGR tables provide easy access to lists of agrichemicals that are frequently referenced. Contemporary climatic classification system (on the inside front cover and in chapter 3) assists users in determining worldwide turfgrass adaptation.

 In addition to updating the information on species, pesticides, PGRs, and other materials used in turfgrass management, significant improvements to this edition include: Expansion of the bioenergetics and metabolism section in Chapter 2 to include a more-detailed coverage of the process of photosynthesis. Addition of a section on phytohormones in Chapter 2 to provide coverage of a subject that has benefited from recent research that has illuminated the role of these chemicals in plant growth and development.

Expansion of the edaphic environment section of Chapter 4 with a richer discussion of water potential and salted soils. Expansion of the discussion on water quality in Chapter 5. Expansion of the discussion on plant-growth regulators (PGRs) and the addition of a table listing the categories of PGRs in Chapter 6.

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